Training and certifications

March 1, 2022
When selecting a contractor, it is important to find out how experienced and well-trained his crews are. Manufacturers like GAF and Owens-Corning offer training and certifications on their products. GAF, for example, has a ‘roofing academy’ that offers training and three different levels of certification:

1                    Authorized contractor

Any contractor that has this first-level certification has the green light to offer all GAF products. In addition, being an Authorized installer means having the privilege to offer the System Plus Limited Warranty. This warranty provides 100% material defect coverage on the entire roofing system for 50 years. Under normal conditions, this also serves as a great protection to your major investment.


2                    Certified contractor

A Certified GAF installer enjoys all the privileges an Authorized installer gets, but only licensed contractors could reach this level. This certification likewise tells you that the company is committed to ongoing professional training. The Certified status also entails that the contractor maintains a good Better Business Bureau rating as verified by GAF.


3                    Master Elite

Being a Master Elite contractor is a distinction only shared by the top 3% of all roofers. Apart from having all the Certified roofer credentials, this top-tier certification requires adequate insurance coverage.

The best part is that a Master Elite contractor has exclusive access to GAF’s Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty. This strong warranty offers everything the System Plus provides plus 25-year workmanship coverage. This unique warranty feature means absolute peace of mind for you. Even if your installer goes out of business in the next two decades in a half, GAF would shoulder the responsibility to service your roof.

The Golden Pledge Warranty also makes you eligible for the GAF 40-point problem prevention inspection of finished roofs. This thorough checkup covers all areas, guaranteeing that roofers like us finish your roof replacement flawlessly.


Owens Corning has a Preferred Contractor status, which means the contractor is adequately insured and licensed, and has at least two years of industry experience. It also allows them to offer an upgraded warranty.


The question is, will you really get a better roof by hiring a company with extensive certifications? The odds of getting a high-quality job are better if you hire a company that’s certified by the manufacturer of the system they’re installing. Also, if problems come up, they are more likely to take care of them quickly and professionally, because the manufacturer has staked their reputation on it. However, having the top certification doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a better roof; it may be just a gimmick to sell a longer warranty.
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